The Application Process

Becoming a Ministry Department

Upon acceptance with A.C.T. Canada, your ministry efforts become a Ministry Department or Ministry Project of A.C.T. Canada. You become a Staff Minister or Missionary of A.C.T. Canada.  Therefore the Application process seeks to verify a candidate’s:

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5 Steps to Becoming a Department of A.C.T. Canada

Step 1 – Ministry Staff Candidate Application

 Please review the following documents in order to understand the responsibilities of an A.C.T. Canada Staff Member.

 Please return the following documents to apply.

Divorce, Separation, or Remarried – being divorced, separated, or remarried does not automatically exempt you from staff status with A.C.T Intl. Our desire is to understand the circumstances of your marital history so that we can wholeheartedly affirm your ministry status.  Please complete the Marital History form if you are divorced, separated, or remarried.

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Ministry Staff Candidate Orientation

The Prospective Ministry Candidate Orientation is required of anyone desiring to become a ministry department or project of A.C.T. Canada.

It is also an excellent workshop for anyone exploring how to use their creative gifts for Kingdom service regardless of their future affiliation with A.C.T. Canada

Click here for Orientation Details and Registration

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Ministry Staff Invitation

Once a candidate completes the Application and attends an Orientation, if it is determined that A.C.T. Canada is a good fit for their calling and gifts, an invitation will be offered to become a staff member of A.C.T. Canada.

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Staff Agreements

If the invitation is accepted, the following Agreements are required of all A.C.T. Canada Staff:

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Upon acceptance as a Ministry Department, a series of one-on-one coaching sessions will be scheduled to help you move forward with your new Department.

Fees – Orientation & Department Set-up

Orientation Fee

  • $200 per Candidate Department
  • Fee includes 2 people (Spouse or other team member
  • Others can also join you for a small fee to help cover additional expenses, meals and materials.

Set-up Fee

  • $100 payable immediately upon acceptance of invitation
    If you become a Department of A.C.T. Canada and if you intend to begin generating revenue for your Department as quickly as possible, both of these fees can be deferred until you have enough funds in your Department to cover these fees.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss becoming an A.C.T. Canada Ministry Department, contact:

Larry Moshell, Staff Development Director

  • Click Here to schedule an appointment with Larry.
  • Call Larry at (615) 260-6438 – If I am available at the time of your call, I am happy to talk with you then.
  • Email Larry at