Ministry Classifications

Ministry Staff Classifications

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A.C.T. Canada exists to mobilize & equip artistic & innovative ministries & missionaries for Christian work around the world.





Ministry Staff Candidate

In some cases, if we determine that you still have issues to more fully clarify and demonstrate before we can offer you official staff status, we will classify you as a Ministry Staff Candidate.

This status will allow you to begin raising support for up to 12 months while you concentrate on building your ministry partner base, establishing a strong relationship with your Ministry Accountability Team, and fine-tuning your Ministry Mission Statement, Ministry Plan, and Projected Spending Plan.  Once these items are in place, your status will be changed to one of the options listed below.  If after 12 months your status is still not solidified, we will work with you to evaluate your options.

Official Staff Status

The following 3 staff positions provide unlimited administrative services and require that you generate at least $3000 per year from donations received and/or other forms of revenue.

Full-time Staffman-person-hand-party

1000 hours or more per year in ministry. You may receive full personal compensation and benefits from the revenue generated by your ministry department.




Bi-Vocational Staff

Average 29 or less hours a week in ministry.  A portion of your personal compensation and benefits may come from the revenue generated by your ministry department.  You may also work a marketplace job or in some other way receive business income and/or personal compensation.  You may desire to eventually become Full-time in ministry through A.C.T. Canada.

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Volunteer Staff

Approved to raise unlimited support for your ministry department, though you do not intend to receive personal compensation or benefits from the revenue generated by your department.  You may desire to eventually become Bi-vocational or occupationally Full- time in ministry through A.C.T. Canada.

The following two are alternatives if you are only seeking status for a specific project or desire ongoing status but do not anticipate being able to or needing to raise $3000 each year.

Ongoing Project Staff

If you have ongoing ministry events or projects throughout the year, but do not anticipate being able to or needing to generate at least $3000 of revenue each year, you may become Ongoing Project Staff. You have full staff status, but administrative services are limited to the month(s) of your project or event.

Short-term Project or Missions Trip

Approved to raise support for a specific short-term ministry project, such as a missions trip, outreach/evangelistic event, or an emergency relief project.