The Orientation Process

Ministry Candidate Orientation

Staff Candidate Orientation is required of anyone desiring to become a ministry department or project of A.C.T. Canada.

It is also an excellent workshop for anyone exploring how to use their creative gifts for Kingdom service regardless of your affiliation with A.C.T. Canada.

Goals of Candidate Orientation

  • To Understand the Mission, Vision, Policies and Procedures of ACT Canada
  • To Learn How ACT Canada Can Help You Move Forward in Ministry
  • To Receive Encouragement and Counsel for Your Ministry Goals

Candidate Orientation Includes Teaching By Rev. Dr. Byron Spradlin, Founder & President, on:
  • A Biblical Understanding and Role of the Arts and the Artist in Life & Ministry
  • A Clear Understanding of Worship and Becoming a Worshiper
  • A Clear Understanding of Calling
  • Understanding the Differences between Occupation, Business and Ministry

Affirmation & Prayer

A highlight of our time together is the opportunity to hear from each ministry candidate a bit about their testimony and ministry vision.  Come prepared to share briefly, about 15 minutes, including an example of your artistic gift (i.e., sing or play a song, show a piece of your art, a section of a story or drama).  We will then pray for you.  This is not an audition – just a time to hear your heart, affirm you as a minister of the Gospel, and pray for you.

The emphasis on ministry and biblical foundations for art ministry, rather than the logistics of raising funds, was prominent throughout the orientation. Praying for each other’s ministry was the highlight of the event. 
Edgar Cay, Ft. Worth, TX.

For me this orientation event has been tremendously encouraging. I’m not the only one crazy person having those big dreams and heart for things that seem impossible for many. Thank you! 
Dace Youngblood, Joplin, MO.


The Orientation is two days, typically 3:00pm to 9:00pm the first day and 10:00am to 5:00pm the second.  Sunday and Monday are often the two days; however, we can schedule other days depending upon the  availability of candidates desiring to participate.

Dinner is provided on the first day and Lunch on the second.  Beverages and snacks are also provided throughout the Orientation.


  • For our orientation in Brentwood, TN. – $200 (USD) includes you and your spouse or another team member
  • Possible additional costs: One Orientation Manual is provided. Additional Manuals will be available to view during the Orientation. If you desire to purchase additional manuals, they are $25.00 (USD)
  • $5.00 (USD) per additional person above two for each meal provided during the orientation
  • If there is sufficient interest in a particular area, we will conduct the orientation in the area. To help cover travels expenses $100 (USD) is added to the orientation fee  totaling $300 (USD) which is less expensive than travel to Nashville.
  • For anyone participating in this orientation that does not live in the that area and incurs 

TN Location and Area Hotels

Orientations are typically held in Franklin, TN. Information about the specific location will be provided to you closer to the date of the Orientation.

Click here for Hotels in Franklin, TN area (Cool Springs & I-65 at TN 96—Murfreesboro Rd).